Infographics Design

A picture is worth a thousand words. This is even truer for an Infographic as well. A visual representation of information, facts, and knowledge, an Infographic poses content in a visually appealing way to attract, engage and communicate with your users. In simple words, it is truly a picture worth a thousand words specifically created to send information across to the viewers in a quick and appealing manner. Quick to scan and easy to share, Infographic designs offer your business a visual medium other than the standard content to engage your audience. Attractive, colorful and a quick read for busy users, Infographic are very popular content on social media and blogs.

Our philosophy when it comes to Infographic design is different from off-the-counter Infographic design agencies in a sense that we focus on creating a design that serves as great content, rather than just great graphics. Capable of creating static and interactive Infographic in multiple formats for various audiences we will curate an Infographic perfect your company.

Our Process





Bespoke Design Packages



1 Info-graphic Concept

3 Round of Revisions

Delivery in 4 working days

All source files delivered

100% Money Back Guarantee



2 Info-graphic Concept

5 Round of Revisions

Delivery in 5 working days

All source files delivered

100% Money Back Guarantee



2 Info-graphic Concept

Unlimited Round of Revisions

Delivery in 6 working days

All source files delivered

100% Money Back Guarantee

Digital Arcanum is an independent company based in Pakistan. Housing a team of expert marketers and creative designers we have worked with 1500+ brands locally and internationally. Having a personalized and holistic approach to work we provide our clients innovative design and development solutions to meet their business demands. Modern & high-end approach to design, 24/7 support, and super-fast turnaround are some of the features that set us apart.